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Welcome to  COSTA RICA - USA

The COSTA RICA – USA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE (CRUSACC) is a non profit corporation, member of the BI-NATIONAL CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE (ABiCC) in Florida, which is also a non profit organization composed by 44 Chambers of Commerce from Latin America, Asia and Europe, all of which are based in the State of Florida. CRUSACC is also member of the ALLIANCE TO PROMOTE INTERNATIONAL TRADE

COSTA RICA – USA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE’S (CRUSACC) main objective is to implement, promote and develop commerce between Costa Rica and the United States. Our offices are located in Miami, Florida and our mission will include promoting commerce in all aspects: Manufacturing, Export / Import, agriculture, Electronic industry, Health care Services, Tourism, Crime Prevention, Sports Events and cultural and scientific events.

By joining the group of people and companies with mutual commercial interest between Costa Rica and the United States, you will be taking advantage of this new window of opportunity opening for all of us and the benefits provided by our chamber of commerce to our members.

We would like to thank you in advanced for your support and take this opportunity to reiterate our sincerest appreciation.


Gerardo Borbón, President  gborbon@crusacc.com
Ana Carazo Johanning, Vice-President anatcarazoj@yahoo.com
Guillermo Chaverri, Director chavecara@yahoo.com
Georgina Ungar, Director georgieun@mac.com
Rossy Pedraza Salazar, Director rossy@DII.us.com
Alberto López, Director lomagroupiss@yahoo.com


Costa Rica ranked as best country in Central America and the Caribbean for the 2011-2012 foreign investment.

Classification of IDF Intelligence, Group Financial Times:

08/19/2011 Posted by Presidency

• Country surpassed traditional competitors like the Dominican Republic, Panama and Puerto Rico.

San Jose, August 18, 2011: Thanks to its strong value proposition for investors and attracting more than 227 new investment projects between 2003 and 2010, Costa Rica was crowned the "Best country in the future for foreign investment Central America and the Caribbean, "according to the classification called" FDI Countries of the Future ", carried out by the IDF Intelligence research unit of the Financial Times group.

Surpassing strong competitors such as Dominican Republic, Panama and Puerto Rico, Costa Rica in addition to obtaining the number one overall ranking in the study also took first place in the category of best human resource and the second category best economic potential, business-friendly environment and better strategy to attract investment.

According to Gabriela Llobet, Director General of CINDE, "the good position in this classification is very important to the advocacy of Costa Rica, for this publication is used as a benchmark by investors that analyze different countries to set up their operations. Also, the fact that Costa Rica has gained positions from edition to edition, is a clear example of the continuous improvement of business climate and leadership made by the country, not only to American competitors but to others as strong as the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and even Panama. "

The IDF Intelligence study analyzed data from more than 31 countries in the Caribbean and Central America. It was organized under six specific categories: economic potential, Human Resource, Cost Effectiveness, Quality of Life, Infrastructure and business-friendly environment. Also in this edition of the classification included an additional category called "Attracting Investment Strategy" for which 17 countries, including Costa Rica, provided information that was later analyzed by a panel of independent judges.



Costa Rica has risen in the in the world market, from a well-known coffee and banana producing nation to one of the most preferred countries for investments, ranging in industries from bountiful agricultural products to the most sophisticated technologies.

Widely known as “the country without an army”, its economic and political stability, democratic tradition and emphasis on education and health programs, has made it a preferred retirement heaven for people of many nationalities. Costa Rica is also a preferred tourism paradise for people from all over the world.

Internationally, Costa Rica ranked in 2010 as Miami’s 6th largest trade partner, with a total trade of $4.8 billion dollars.

Costa Rica’s total trade with U.S.A. in 2010 was $13.9 billion. Miami represented 34.5% of Costa Rica’s total trade with the USA in the same time period.

Costa Rica in 2009 exported to the United States $8.7 billion and imported from the United States $5.2 billion.

Other important USA cities and trade partners of Costa Rica are Philadelphia $0.72 billion, Los Angeles $0.75 billion, Houston $4.28 billion and New Orleans $0.93 billion.

Some important economic factors about Costa Rica:

  • GDP (PIB): 2004, 4.3%; 2005, 5.9%; 2006, 8.8% ; 2007, 7.8%. 2008, 2.6 % , 2009, 6.9%, 2010 -.70%, 2011, 4%  (PIB a precios de Mercado)
  • Inflation rate: 2004, 13.1%; 2005, 14.1%; 2006, 9.4%; 2007, 10.8%; 2008, 13.9 %, 2009, 4.05% (IPC: Variación acumulada)
  • Currency devaluation: 2004, 8.7%; 2005,7.7%,; 2006, 4.1%; 2007,+ 4.0% (Appreciation). 2008, 10.3 %, 2009, 9.0%

Statistics show that Costa Rica continues to be one of the most favorable and secure countries to invest in Latin America.